How to repair RAR archive?

Have you ever tried to archive your file’s to get a backup or to create some free space in your disk and got an error message while trying to extract from them? Then here is the answer you were looking for.

Most of the times when we want to compress our file we use compressing software’s like WinRAR. These two software’s are the most commonly used software’s to compress the files worldwide. Whenever we want to upload some files to a local server or whenever we want to send a file through email we make use of these RAR software’s to overcome the internet traffic. Or sometimes we make use of these software’s to backup our files while reducing the amount of memory they occupy. But, while compression has its own advantage it also has a disadvantage too that is it makes the archive files unstable and sometimes this leads to the corruption of the archive file. To overcome this problem you can always use the most trusted software how to Repair RAR archive.

Before going to the solution, let us see the different scenarios where the archive file can get corrupted.

  • The most common cause of corruption is improper shutdown. Using the reset button or disconnecting the power without shutting down can damage files on the computer because it stops suddenly, rather than closing all the other programs running in the system.
  • Sudden outages from power surges or electrical storms do the same thing.
  • Sometimes interrupting the download process can also corrupt the file.
  • Another scenario is, if there is a virus detected inside an archive RAR file by the antivirus software then the antivirus can damage the structure of the RAR file.
  • Interruption of unzipping process can also lead to corruption and application crash or abrupt computer reboot might disturbs the unzip process.
  • If we try to change the extension of a file while being in the RAR file can damage the file lead to corruption.

No worries even if you have corrupted your RAR archive file you can use the most recommended software by the experts in the industry that is Repair RAR archive. The new generation of RAR repair tools, however, provided a way to fix your corrupted RAR files by applying sophisticated recovery algorithms and powerful RAR repair engines. RAR Repair Tool features a robust recovery algorithm that restores RAR structure integrity and helps recover RAR files with their contents. When damage prevents you from accessing archives, RAR Repair Tool specifically developed to recover RAR files from damage, will always help you. It solves errors like CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) for downloaded and some errors like file error “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive” etc.

Steps that you should follow to repair corrupted RAR archive.

  • Download and install Repair RAR archive trial software.
  • Browse and select your RAR file using browse button and select the button “Repair” to begin repair process.
  • The software will start scanning the RAR file.
  • Once the repair process is over, you would be able to preview the contents of the file. To save the contents from the repaired RAR file, now press “Next”, a window will open where you can specify destination location save lost data.
  • Click the “Select Folder” button to choose the destination path, which can be your local drive, externally attached USB drive, or a mapped network location. Select the location and click the “Save” button to save all your lost data.
  • The saving process will not work if you are evaluating the trial version. To activate the saving functionality you need to purchase the software. Once purchased you will receive a license key to activate the software. After activation, the “Save Repaired File” button will be active to allow saving the recovered content from the repaired RAR file.