How to repair damaged mp4 files?

Are you unable to access your important MP4 file from the hard drive of your Mac computer and wondering how to repair the damaged MP4 files?

If the answer to this question is yes, then you have come across the right site which will provide you necessary information regarding the MP4 files as well as guide through the repairing procedure of the damaged MP4 file.

You can repair the damaged MP4 file because the contents of the MP4 file will be there in the storage device though it is inaccessible to the user. Therefore, the corrupted or damaged MP4 file can be repaired until and unless it is overwritten. Once the MP4 file is overwritten with some new data, then it cannot be recovered.

To repair the damaged MP4 file, first of all you need to know the actual cause behind the damaging of MP4 file which is one of the important factors to determine the repairing procedure.

What is the exact reason behind MP4 file corruption?

Some of the common MP4 file corruption scenarios are explained below which may help you to find out the actual reason of your MP4 file damage:

Was there any interruption while downloading the MP4 file from the camcorder to the hard drive of the computer?

If there was any interruption while you were downloading the MP4 file from the camcorder to the hard drive of your computer, then the MP4 file might have been damaged due to the interruption in downloading process. The downloading process may be interrupted due to various reasons like sudden power failure, improper removal of the memory card of the digital camera, accidental shut down etc.

Apart from that any interruption while transferring the MP4 file from the hard drive of the computer to a removable drive or vice versa can also damage the MP4 file. This type of interruption may arise due to improper usage of the removable drive like abrupt removal of the removable drive, improper insertion of the removable drive, instant power failure during the transfer process etc.

MP4 file damaged due to this scenario can be repaired easily using any MP4 repair utility provided the storage device in which the corrupted MP4 file is stored should not be used after the MP4 file is corrupted in order to prevent the corrupted MP4 file from getting overwritten.

Have you encountered any error while converting the MP4 file to any other file format?

If yes, then the MP4 file might have damaged due to the incomplete file system conversion. The file system conversion process may be interrupted due to application failure, error in file system extension, instant power surge during the conversion process etc.

Apart from above two reasons, the MP4 file can also be damaged due to some other reasons like,

Improper usage of the camcorder or the digital camera: The MP4 file can be corrupted due to improper handling of the camcorder like pulling out the memory card abruptly right after the video is recorded, recording video while the camcorder is low on battery, improper insertion of the memory card into the camcorder etc.

Header corruption: Header of a particular file has all the necessary information about that file. If the header gets damaged due to any reason, then that file becomes inaccessible. The MP4 file may be inaccessible due to header corruption.

Some common symptoms shown by corrupted MP4 file when you try to access them are mentioned below:

  • The MP4 file is unable to play
  • It is unable to transfer to any other device
  • The MP4 file fails to respond
  • The file stopped suddenly while playing

MP4 file damaged due to any of the above cases or showing any of the above errors while being accessed can be repaired using reliable MP4 repair tool.

How to select the right tool for repairing the damaged MP4 file?

Select, such an MP4 repair tool which repairs MP4 file damaged due to that particular scenario and offers demo version for evaluation of the recovery chances. If you are satisfied after using the demo version of the MP4 repair tool, then you can opt for the full version of MP4 repair tool.

How to make the repair process easy and safe?

Never install the repair tool on the same storage space where the corrupted or damaged MP4 file is stored. This may overwrite the actual content of the MP4 file present on the storage space resulting in permanent loss of MP4 file. If the MP4 file is there in the memory card of the camcorder or in a removable drive, then you have to plug it to your Mac computer to repair the MP4 file in it.

How to repair the MP4 file using MP4 repair utility?

  1. Get the demo version and install MP4 repair tool. After successful launching, select the damaged MP4 file to be repaired using “Open” option and then click on “Repair” to start the repair process.
  2. You can preview the repaired MP4 file after the repair process completed successfully.

How to prevent the MP4 file from getting corrupted in future?

  • Try to carry out file system conversion properly in order to avoid MP4 file corruption.
  • Always backup important MP4 file in order to avoid file loss in future.
  • Make proper usage of the camcorder as well as the memory card of the camcorder. Do not remove it abruptly while MP4 file is not completed downloaded.
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