How to Repair

Tool to Fix Corrupted PSD Files

PSD stands for Photoshop document, which is the default format used by Adobe Photoshop for saving data. PSD is a proprietary file that permits the user to edit individual layers of image even after the file has been saved. Once you complete the image, you can flatten the layers using Photoshop and convert the image […]

Get the computer files back after deletion or loss

Computer is embedded with different hardware. Software like OS is used to interact with those embedded hardware. The most important hardware which is used in the computer is the hard disk drive. Hard disk plays a vital role as it is the primary source to store the files that are generated in the computer using […]

Fix Corrupt M4V File Using Repairing Tool

M4V File Repair: M4V file formats are the most common file formats that are present in the iPhones. This iPhone was introduced to the world by Apple Inc in the year 2007. Since then this device has become the unbeatable master of smart phones that are present in today’s world. This device has been loaded […]

How to Repair Outlook Files

If you are a regular user of MS Outlook for checking emails, maintaining contacts, scheduling meets then you might have experienced the problems with the Outlook. Like Outlook failure when your PST file gets corrupted. Outlook restricts you from accessing the personal storage table data that is PST data like emails, contacts task etc. Outlook […]

How to Repair a PowerPoint File

I am getting an error like “PowerPoint viewer cannot read D:\path\abc.ppt” when I tried to open my presentation files and saying that it’s a corrupted file. Is there any solution to overcome by this problem? Power Point Presentation is an application is provided by Microsoft with Windows OS. It is used to deliver information in […]

How to Repair Outlook Mailbox

I need to check my mailbox but my Outlook is showing errors on opening. Is there a way to solve this problem? Ofcouser there is way to solve this problem using Outlook repair tool. The tool can repair almost all the attributes of the MS Office. You may have lost some of the data from […]

Repair Xvid

Xvid files provide high quality of DVD video and have small file size. It can also be used over network. It is an open source versions of Divx and also marked as its main competitor. It produces greater performance and has lot more features than Divx file. There are also some people who perform video […]

Divx Repair

Digital video express shortly termed as Divx is a video file format which is used to compress large video files to small size.  It includes some features such as video menus, subtitles, audio tracks. But at instance, some Divx video files that have been downloaded by spending hours refuse to open. It usually happens when […]

Repair Outlook 2010 PST

Outlook 2010 was whole heartily welcomed by the Outlook users across the world. It is appreciated because of its well advanced features than the previous versions of Outlook. It comes with more added colors and graphics to organize the e-mail messages. This version comes with attachment previewer with the help of which a user can preview their […]

How to repair RAR archive?

Have you ever tried to archive your file’s to get a backup or to create some free space in your disk and got an error message while trying to extract from them? Then here is the answer you were looking for. Most of the times when we want to compress our file we use compressing […]

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